Our program fees are based on full-time spaces or drop–in.


Full-time - Grades 1-5 is $450.00 per month.

Drop-in - Full-School day, Monday - Thursdays $40.00 per day, Friday $55.00.

Drop-in - Monday – Friday morning is $15.00.

Drop-in - Monday – Thursday afternoons is $25.00.

Drop-in - Friday afternoon is $40.00.

Drop-in - PD Days/Extended Holidays $60.00.


Full-time Kindergarten care is $900.00 per month

Part-time Kindergarten care is $450.00 does not include B&A Care / PD Days

Drop-In Kindergarten care is $30.00 per day, does not include After School Care

Drop-in Kindergarten PD Days at Camp Chestermere $60.00 per day.


Subsidy information can be found online at www.humanservices.alberta.ca


Child Care fees are due on the first day of each month.